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How does MediNav work

The assistant that is always available no matter where you work from or at what time

The assistant listens to the doctor

The doctor creates a new consultation and can turn on the assistant on the touch of the button on the laptop, tablet or smartphone and can also stop it by saying “stop”.

It figures out what the doctor said

The transcript of the recording appears on the consultation page on the webapp that can be viewed and edited in the browser on the computer or tablet.

It pre-populates the medical forms

If the doctor is performing an ultrasound or a consultation with multiple fields, MediNav extracts and pre-fills the separated fields with the relevant information.

The doctor reviews, corrects and the assistant improves

The doctor or a MediNav employee verifies, corrects and saves the consultation. This way the assistant learns from its mistakes one patient at a time.

And there is more

Artificial intelligence

The AI assistant that learns from its mistakes and curates learning with its own medical trained staff

No special hardware

Our system works with your laptop, tablet or smartphone directly

Medical team

We have medical students who are improving the system and offer on-demand verification for 100% accuracy

Security & Compliance

We make security a goal on its own with user layering, authentication and federated learning while being fully GDPR compliant.

Enhanced customization

User, specialty or clinical level: each have their own custom expressions and templates.

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